Anatomy of a Toxic Relationship

Phantom Thread (2017) weaves a story of love, revenge, insanity Phantom Thread is a study on toxic relationships with a proposal on how to live with it — if you’re insane enough. Three-time Oscar Best Actor Daniel Day-Lewis plays the perfectionist fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock. Set in 1950s London, heiresses and royalty come to him for their dresses. […]

Pre-Watergate heroism in The Post (2017)

One of the best films on journalism and empowered women It’s wonderful how, especially in recent years, Hollywood has come to appreciate journalism as an industry, even to Oscar-award levels. In 2016, Spotlight won Best Picture. In 2018, The Post almost did. I love The Post. It’s based on the 1971 story of Katharine Graham, […]

Loco over Coco (2017)

This Pixar feature is a classic Coco (2017) is certainly Pixar’s best movie. What drew me to the film is not exactly its stunning visuals, but the emotions you’ll share with the characters. Little Miguel pursues a dream that brings him to the underworld — the dream of becoming a musician and meeting his great-grandfather. He learns life […]