A Simple Idea To Make Small Spaces Look Less Cramped

If your place is short on space as ours is, it’s best to take advantage of long lines. Say, you want the kitchen counter to look longer. Then remove all bulky objects from the counter. Emphasize the line spanning the length of the counter, and don’t let that line get broken by conspicuous appliances. ObviouslyContinue reading “A Simple Idea To Make Small Spaces Look Less Cramped”


The Simple Beauty of Versatile Furniture

I’ve read so many times that the key to living comfortably in cramped spaces is multifunctional furniture. It’s true. I use the same coffee table for work and for, well, my morning coffee. And when I’m not using it, I fold it up and stow it in the gap between the refrigerator and the kitchenContinue reading “The Simple Beauty of Versatile Furniture”