The perks of living close to work

We recently moved to a new place — again. It was the financial cost and the stress surrounding the daily commute to the office that was to blame. (Work is now hybrid, and we have to be on site for most of the week.) Also, having two different work shifts almost 12 hours apart meantContinue reading “The perks of living close to work”


My Top 5 Email Newsletters

What’s upsetting about information nowadays is that we’re drowning in it. Especially on social media. Which is why email seems to be a nice thing again. I’m talking about email newsletters. I subscribe to over a dozen of these little-known wonders to learn about the latest news and trends in my industry and interests. Also,Continue reading “My Top 5 Email Newsletters”

Favorite Things I Keep In My Workspace

Mise en place is a concept I learned from one of Jamie Oliver’s recipe books. It simply means every ingredient and tool is tidily arranged within reach, so you can cook smoothly and peacefully. I apply the same concept when it comes to working. In my previous apartment, this was a challenge, since I didn’tContinue reading “Favorite Things I Keep In My Workspace”

Podcasts Are A Simple Source Of Wisdom And Joy. Here Are My Favorites.

I accidentally whetted an appetite for podcasts during the pandemic. It’s plug-and-play simple! Just plug your earphones and hit play. The crucial part of this pastime is, of course, the choice of podcasts to listen to. Given that podcast episodes are at least a half-hour long, it’s easy to have trust issues after getting aContinue reading “Podcasts Are A Simple Source Of Wisdom And Joy. Here Are My Favorites.”