There’s a lot in Latin

Why a “dead language” is worth studying or getting familiar with Many people call Latin a dead language — as dead as its foremost perpetuator, the Catholic Church, which is 1 billion strong and 2,000 years old. What these fools don’t get is the fact that many English words actually are Latin or have Latin roots. And often, […]

Pre-Watergate heroism in The Post (2017)

One of the best films on journalism and empowered women It’s wonderful how, especially in recent years, Hollywood has come to appreciate journalism as an industry, even to Oscar-award levels. In 2016, Spotlight won Best Picture. In 2018, The Post almost did. I love The Post. It’s based on the 1971 story of Katharine Graham, […]

Angels and Demons and Popes

Why Rome should be on your bucket list Recently I watched Angels and Demons (2009), Ron Howard’s adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestselling novel. It’s tolerable. Tom Hanks as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is bland — but then we don’t really care, because Langdon isn’t the reason Angels and Demons is remarkable: it’s the fact that the story is […]

Dear Government, this is how to make our daily commute less hellish

10 suggestions harassed commuters secretly love Because I hate Grab’s monopolizing schemes, I now advocate other means of public transportation. But Metro Manila’s public transpo situation is, of course, the one you can expect in hell. So, for whatever it’s worth, here are 10 suggestions on how government and operators can make the daily ride through […]

Loco over Coco (2017)

This Pixar feature is a classic Coco (2017) is certainly Pixar’s best movie. What drew me to the film is not exactly its stunning visuals, but the emotions you’ll share with the characters. Little Miguel pursues a dream that brings him to the underworld — the dream of becoming a musician and meeting his great-grandfather. He learns life […]

Why I love Toastmasters

“It’s an elitist boys’ club that just tries to improve themselves.” This was how one of the professors I looked up to described Toastmasters — and I thought she was among the intelligent ones who’d do their research first before voicing out conclusions. (She has since descended to a much lower level in my opinion.) Truth is, […]

Meditations minus the ommm part

3 morning activities for a more productive day There’s a half-hour slot in my morning schedule I call “Meditations” (thanks, Marcus Aurelius!). It’s composed of three meditative activities which I now consider pillars of a productive day: mindfulness meditation, mental prayer, and journaling. Without these, it seems, I’d feel my day quite directionless, limbo-like, chaotic. […]

What I learned from tracking my activities for 60+ days

I started tracking my activities in mid-April, after reading an article about the benefits of doing so. The article, ultimately, preached about self-awareness. Guess what I learned from the exercise. Self-awareness, exactly. I used an old-school tool: MS Excel. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this, given my long history of […]

What’s great about keeping a bullet journal

I once had trouble understanding Ryder Carroll’s explanation of the Bullet Journal method, which he invented. So I tried it out. Behold, the impression of complexity was just a phase. When I started creating my modules and went on with my daily logs (including my notes of feelings and ideas and late-blooming teenager-y angst lol), […]