My Top 5 Email Newsletters

What’s upsetting about information nowadays is that we’re drowning in it. Especially on social media.

Which is why email seems to be a nice thing again. I’m talking about email newsletters. I subscribe to over a dozen of these little-known wonders to learn about the latest news and trends in my industry and interests.

Also, having been an editor myself, I understand the painstaking work of curating content. With email newsletters, I know some thought (and even some debate) had already transpired before these story snippets reach my inbox. (That’s also one way of delegating brainwork!)

So here are a few of my current favorite email newsletters you might also like:

1. Apartment Therapy

As a fan of small-space living, for me Apartment Therapy is an eclectic source of home inspiration. While their aesthetic usually leans towards vibrant maximalism, I like their tips and tricks on efficiently living in a bustling city. I love Apartment Therapy so much I submitted an entry to last year’s Small/Cool Contest and made it to the shortlist. And then a few weeks later, our place was also featured in another section and then another. So yeah, superfan here.

2. The New York Times Morning Briefing

The renowned newspaper has a daily news summary that gives me a wider (though understandably more American) view of the world. I like how it’s structured: beginning with a casual message to the reader, then the serious straight news, then the lighter feature stories towards the end.

Unfortunately it has limited free articles per month, so I’m mostly constrained to just reading the contents of the newsletter itself. But that’s okay, really, because I’m just in for the summary. It’s my compendium of world news for the day.

3. Harvard Business Review The Daily Alert

HBR’s newsletter always has intelligent and useful articles on management and leadership. With Harvard’s reputation as a bastion of research, it feels great to be receiving all the latest insights from some of the world’s great intellectuals daily right in my inbox. It makes you feel so smart, haha.

4. Hubspot Blog

Half of what I learned about digital marketing and communications I probably learned from Hubspot. They have a plethora of beginner-friendly blog posts and whitepapers and online courses. Almost of them free. And I love that they update certain seasonal content, like the ultimate guide to social media marketing, etc. Anyone who wants to learn marketing and communications for free can always depend on Hubspot.

5. Aeon / Psyche

I saved the best for last. This is my absolute favorite. Aeon and Psyche are actually two separate newsletters, but they come from the same company. With topics ranging from psychology to philosophy to art and pop culture and literature, not only are they beautifully designed, but are first of all truly intellectually stimulating. They examine both ordinary things and pressing issues with a holistic lens.

That’s it! There are other newsletters that I still skim through regularly, but they can’t make it to this list because of my brevity policy.

Check them out and let me know if they’re your kind of stuff, too.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s. No affiliate links present. Content is not sponsored.


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