Drown Stress With This

About three weeks ago, I was in my crankiest state. My laptop was acting up. I had tons of work piled up. And the weather was—too humid—unkind.

Finally I knew it was a crisis when I heard myself snap at other people. For what, I can’t recall; my irritability was just at an all-time high.

Then I saw one of the least-used widgets on my phone: a water logging app. I had had an on-again-off-again relationship with it since I installed it several years ago.

You’re supposed to log in it every drink you took: which drink, how much, what time, and it tells you if you’ve reached your goal based on your physique and age. I had been told I needed to have at least 2.3 liters of water everyday. I’ve only ever achieved that daily goal once or twice — last year.

But this time, something told me I could give it another try.

Fast forward 21 days — the number of days by which you can call a repeated act a habit — and I have already been achieving my daily water goal everyday! And the best part: I was no longer as beastly as before.

That crankiness I had experienced was most probably just thirst. That overwhelming stress was likely just me getting dehydrated — in favor of getting “just one more task” done, but not keeping that promise.

Always having a tumbler of water at my desk made sure that I was getting my hourly gulp. It made me go to the restroom more often, though. But it’s still a win, because the relief of peeing was also a momentary relief from seemingly interminable work. The frequent call of nature thus became a blessing in disguise.

Trust me, the Watery Cycle is virtuous.

So if you think you’re morphing into a monster because of stress, well, probably just drown it.


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