Favorite Things I Keep In My Workspace

Mise en place is a concept I learned from one of Jamie Oliver’s recipe books. It simply means every ingredient and tool is tidily arranged within reach, so you can cook smoothly and peacefully.

I apply the same concept when it comes to working. In my previous apartment, this was a challenge, since I didn’t have a proper desk where I could put all my things together. Though it’s still not as big as the one in my “real” office, the one I have now is much bigger and accommodates all I need.

Here are my favorite tools in my current workspace:

Work Desk

Our most recent purchase, this desk is currently my top favorite piece of furniture in the whole house. Sleek, smooth, and with sufficient storage, it is the platform of all the work I do. I love the idea that it’s literally where I earn a living, and it’s super clean. 👌


Not exactly my favorite, but what can you do, it’s my official equipment where all my my magical work (mostly) happens. Its redeeming value seems to be that it’s lasted more than four years without totally clunking out. But yes, I need to get it upgraded.

iPad Air

I’m confused whether I bought this as a gift for myself for surviving the first six months of the pandemic, or as an early birthday gift. Either way, it’s an apt token to celebrate life. I treat it as my personal laptop, where I write this blog, watch Netflix shows, journal, sketch, brainstorm, save articles for future reading (and not actually reading them), and scroll and wallow in the mundane muck of social media in my down days. 😆 I love this iPad.


A Muji ripoff I found on Shopee, this notebook works as my daily planner and meeting notepad. I recently stopped using Asana and returned to the analog way of making checklists. The best thing about traditional pen-and-paper note-taking is you can write things out with feelings: I love being able to wound the paper deep when adding yet another urgent, unscheduled task.


I love my company phone! It was top of the line when it was issued to me. This is what I use especially for business calls and instant messages. As a big Apple fan, I have no complaints.

Green Rubber Tree Plant

Seeing something green is always refreshing for me. So this slow-growing plant is a welcome officemate. It’s also nice to know that I’m getting an oxygen boost from it — a real need when opening emails on Mondays.

Grip Exercise Tool

This is a more beneficial alternative to the traditional stressballs. When I feel like wringing someone’s neck, using this tool just about gives the same relief post-squeeze. 🙃

When the day is done, only the lamp, plant, and photo frame remain. Everything else is hidden in drawers and cabinets. Nothing says “good morning” the next day better than a clean desk.

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