Podcasts Are A Simple Source Of Wisdom And Joy. Here Are My Favorites.

I accidentally whetted an appetite for podcasts during the pandemic.

It’s plug-and-play simple! Just plug your earphones and hit play.

The crucial part of this pastime is, of course, the choice of podcasts to listen to. Given that podcast episodes are at least a half-hour long, it’s easy to have trust issues after getting a bad initial experience. Luckily that wasn’t the case for me.

So I’ve tried and liked many a show over the past year, yet these five are the ones I keep going back to for fresh new eps. You might like them, too.

1. The Economist Radio

I still can’t afford an Economist subscription, but the magazine’s views and writing are top notch. So for now I’m settling with its podcast’s free content. I like how the magazine’s international editors switch mediums for a bit and explain various global issues with The Economist’s signature dry humor and piercing analyses. Some topics can get a tad boring, though, but you can always skip.

2. USCCB Daily Readings + 10 Minutes with Jesus

No morning is good without some minutes of reflection. This power combo helps me to be self-aware and connected to God. I especially like how simple and straight to the point these podcasts are. 10 Minutes with Jesus is also extra notable because of its emphasis on pursuing holiness amid the bustle of modern living.

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

This was the first podcast I ever liked. A renowned author on productivity, Ferriss casually interviews the world’s top leaders, athletes, and artists — “performers”, he would call them. I like it because there’s always a shiny, new leadership or productivity lesson in each episode. Plus the interviews allow me to get to know some of my “idols” on a deeper, if not geeky, level. I especially enjoyed these episodes: Hugh Jackman, Maria Popova, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Esther Perel, Joyce Carol Oates.

4. Skypodcast with Slater and Kryz Young

One of my recent discoveries, this podcast is now my go-to show if I want something light. The young Cebu-based celebrity couple seem like they’re just my cool, rich neighbors with famous friends — very unlike me, yet have the same millennial concerns. I also like their personalities: Slater is a geeky introvert, Kryz is an adorable variant of Monica Geller. Notable episodes: Andi Eigenmann, Megan Young and Mikael Daez.

5. WorkLife with Adam Grant

I finished all the podcast’s seasons in just two weeks. It’s well written! As organizational psychologist and author Grant explains in the show’s intro, WorkLife explores how to “make work not suck.” From impostor syndrome to mental health to emotional intelligence and equitable pay, Grant discusses them all, with a bevy of experts contributing their insights. I also like that the show veers away from the usual interview format, and instead opts for the multi-sourced, essay-type one. Episodes I loved: The Real Reason You Procrastinate, Become Friends With Your Rivals, A Debate with Malcolm Gladwell.


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