The Pandemic Canceled Our Wedding Reception. So We Moved Into A Nicer Home.

I’m a member of Home Buddies, a Philippines-based Facebook group dedicated to everything about homes. Below is the post I recently contributed. I hope this can have some value to your own home-design projects!

Last month, my wife and I had to cancel our wedding reception because of the pandemic. We could not even travel for our honeymoon. So we decided to just use part of our reception budget — and our ninongs’ and ninangs’ [principal sponsors’] gifts — to furnishing our new rental unit.

And it feels like we put the money to good use: instead of enjoying the funds’ benefits on just our wedding day, we are instead cherishing them EVERY day at home — and in a real way!

We’re aiming for a Pinoy Japandi theme. ☺️🇵🇭🇯🇵🇩🇰

Some home design lessons we picked up:

💡Find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram using keywords of your desired theme. Ours was #japandi — that quaint intersection between Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. But we were determined to put in some Pinoy or tropical accents to it. You can also try the Planner 5D app to see how things you intend to buy would fit in your place.

We don’t need a TV set, so we opted for a seven-foot mirror that multiplies light and space.

👌 Since our new space would still be quite small, the balance of form and function was paramount. We made sure pieces were useful and of high quality so we could use them for at least five years.

The balcony is southeast facing, so there’s ample sunlight in the morning.

🌴 Yucca plants are AMAZING. At 7 feet, the one we got was relatively cheap. With simple lines and low maintenance, it is the 10% that makes 90% of the overall impact of our wee home.

The yucca plant lords over the place, making the ceiling look higher than it is.

🎏 Balance the dark, bulky, masculine pieces with light, curvy, feminine ones. There’s a sweet spot that pleases everybody!

Design philosophy. 🍃

📺 We didn’t need a TV (we watch shows only on my tablet), so instead we just got a 7-foot mirror that could distort (positively) space and light on what could have been the TV wall.

The photo book invites guests (soon!) to see our pre-pandemic adventures.

🏺There are tons of decent thrift shops on Instagram. It’s where we bought some furniture and stoneware that added some Japanese vibe to the place.

While a trip to Japan can wait, we’ll just bring Japan home for now. 😅

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