The Simple Lesson Keeping Indoor Plants Taught Me


Yep, that’s the one great lesson I learned as a formerly frustrated “plantito” during this pandemic.

Sometimes, in our enthusiasm to literally make things grow — such as plants — we actually end up killing them.

That’s what I saw when my first snake plant, Lucia, died because of overwatering. She developed root rot.

A ZZ plant we call Olivia also developed a problem because of overwatering. One of her beautiful stems yellowed and then withered.

Without my knowing it then, I was drowning my plants because I thought that’s how to take care of them. I loved them so much I did what any advocate of water therapy would tell their friends: drink up. Unfortunately for my plants, they couldn’t drain water as much as humans could.

So the next time we “take care” of plants — or anybody or anything — let’s take a step back and find out how much they need of what we can give.


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