A Perfectly Simple Wedding Amid the Pandemic

Having postponed our wedding TWICE because of the pandemic, finally my Kath and I were married a few days ago.

Since Manila was in its worst COVID situation, we had canceled the wedding reception and opted for a simple family dinner after the ceremony. Only my fiancee’s immediate family, our maid of honor, and our best man were there. None from my family could attend since they’re all in Mindanao and travel restrictions were at their strictest (we livestreamed the ceremony for them, though, and they had their own reception at home).

The result: PERFECT.

We only had six live guests, the rest were virtual!

It was certainly not the grand wedding we originally planned — the one with a string quintet, a band, and 100 guests enjoying a sumptuous banquet in a garden resort — but it turned out to be what we wanted all along, given the circumstances. We figured, we can just have another gathering with family and friends when the world is okay again.

On that day, our wedding day, all that mattered to us was our love, with God at the center of it. The pandemic may have delayed our formal union, but it only made the latter richer, more dewy, divine.


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