What I learned from tracking my activities for 60+ days

Free image from Stocksnap. I wish I had this watch, though!

I started tracking my activities in mid-April, after reading an article about the benefits of doing so. The article, ultimately, preached about self-awareness.

Guess what I learned from the exercise. Self-awareness, exactly.

I used an old-school tool: MS Excel. At first I thought I wouldn’t be able to do this, given my long history of not following through with my “expense accounts” (expense tracking I used to do back when I was a good boy).

I had a rough start, but after several times beginning again, I finally caught second wind and the process began to ease into the peaceful realm of Minimal Effort. After all it’s really simple: just describe what you do every half-hour, just so:

In case you’re wondering, Self-Admin is anything from making my bed to meditating to deleting apps I have stopped pretending to like.

And what did I discover?

  1. I wasted so much time trying to decide what to do…and then decided not to do anything. Weekends and free time can be the worst.
  2. I value sleep, devoting up to 32% of the day to sleeping time. That’s about eight hours every night! Sometimes I get tempted to think this is very lazy of me. I mean, isn’t it a badge of honor to sleep late and get only four, five hours of sleep? Thank God, Ariana Huffington had a nervous breakdown due to exhaustion and sleep deficit — and then wrote about the ordeal — or else I wouldn’t have gained the habit of getting enough rest as a competitive advantage. I mean, dude, you’ll be able to work double and more deeply if you’re not sleepy or groggy during the day. (I love you, Ms Huffington.)
  3. I made sure Quality Time with the girlfriend is a considerable slice of the pie. This is the secret to a happy life lol.
  4. Keeping a running list of activities helps you to steer clear of the rocks: Shopping, Chill, and Worry (yep, I had to put that in because I sometimes find myself swimming/drowning in it).
  5. It gives me a clearer picture of what I’ve actually done. I can judge more wisely whether my day has been productive or not, and whether it has created value or produced meaning in my relationship with others.
Yummiest data representation — a pie graph!

This is low-key OC, but this can be helpful if you want solid data on something as ephemeral as time. Try it. Here’s a template coz I’m helpful like that. Message me in 30 days maybe?

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