Join tomorrow’s #MMshakedrill!

Tomorrow, July 30 at 10:30 am, Metro Manila will conduct a metro-wide earthquake drill dubbed “Metro Manila Shake Drill.” While the exercise is long overdue, it’s “better late than never.”

Certainly preparing for disaster is never fun. In this case, conducting an earthquake drill amid news that the Big One will come “in our lifetime” is somewhat like rehearsing the funeral of a loved one who’s still in his prime. But only somewhat. Because, of course, nature (like love) moves in mysterious ways (awwww). For instance, if we just experience mild earthquakes in a span of 10 years, thus easing the tension between tectonic plates and along faultlines, then we’ll never have the Big One, at least in this lifetime.

But still, having a metro-wide earthquake drill is beneficial. Should a disaster happen, everyone will likely not panic and lose their minds as much as when no such drill was conducted. People will somehow know what to do, where to go, and how to cope with the situation. Besides, this drill will also give us the opportunity to think about what to store at home — an emergency kit — that could sustain us through at least two weeks post disaster.

Again, this isn’t about scaring anyone. This is about practicality. Nor is this about lacking trust in Providence. I’m sure God also wants us to use our reason — without being paranoid — just in case.

Here are links with ideas on how to participate in tomorrow’s drill, wherever you may be in Metro Manila:

Metro Manila Shake Drill official website

FAQ: What’s #MMshakedrill and how can you participate? 

All you need to know: The Metro Manila Shake Drill 

Photo: Megan Rosenbloom on Flickr


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