How to NOT waste time on Facebook

You know how it goes.

You log into Facebook…and then get lost in an endless stream of singing cats, beaches, selfies, celeb news, and your friends’ emo posts. Before you know it, three hours have passed.

Now you wonder: there’s got to be a way to avoid the news stream — yet without abandoning Facebook altogether!

Well, consider this your lucky day — the Chrome extension Kill News Feed does precisely that. It frees you from the feed — and instead gives you a sobering piece of wisdom: “Don’t get distracted by Facebook!”

All other functionalities — private messages, notification, groups, etc. — are retained. So you can still look forward to something new whenever you log in. After all, it’s really just the news feed that’s a time-waster.


And the best part of Kill News Feed? You can disable it anytime — but preferably only on weekends and holidays. 😉

Originally posted on the iCPA Student Cafe, the official blog of iCPA.


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