Keep Calm and Maybe Read This: “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is not offering something new with Stillness is the Key (2019). Instead, with his characteristic Stoic mindset, he walks us through various philosophical-psychological traditions across history and the world to reveal a common theme: the value of serenity — stillness — in daily life. Holiday also emphasizes how stillness is under attack today,Continue reading “Keep Calm and Maybe Read This: “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holiday”

Zen-zoned: “The Art of Simple Living” by Shunmyo Masuno

I absolutely love how Shunmyo Masuno starts his book The Art of Simple Living (2009) with quaint pointers. “Savor the morning air.” “Make a delicious cup of coffee.” “Make time to be alone.” As an introvert, I find all this romantic and exciting. The book does not disappoint in giving us, poor screen-addicted mortals, glimpsesContinue reading “Zen-zoned: “The Art of Simple Living” by Shunmyo Masuno”

Momentum for the Day: My Morning Routine

Let’s talk about what is probably the most popular topic in Productivityland — morning routines! Since the pandemic began, I’d gone through various series of activities in the morning. I could not call them “routines” yet because they continually shifted. Sometimes drastically. Like when I finally had a functional chair to sit on in theContinue reading “Momentum for the Day: My Morning Routine”

Three Considerations For A Simplified Christmas

Christmas is going to be much simpler this year — no thanks to the pandemic. For the first time in years, I won’t be going home to my family for the holidays. Instead I’ll just stay in Manila with my fiancée and visit her family on Christmas Day. Being asthmatic, I find the risk ofContinue reading “Three Considerations For A Simplified Christmas”

A Simple Formula To Knowing The True Cost Of Things

I must confess: I’m among the least frugal people I know. Just ask my mother. When I was in college, I would sometimes call her to get some additional allowance…after only two weeks since my monthly allowance “replenishment”. I know — what a louse. And when I started earning money myself, any extra income wentContinue reading “A Simple Formula To Knowing The True Cost Of Things”